What is the best solution roadmap to realize earlier value-add in the lifecycle?

When should we consider buy vs. build vs. reuse opportunities?

How should we communicate pending and realized change to our leaders and employees?

What are the leading indicators we need to enable proactive decisions?

Advisory Services

Where should we invest in benchmarking?

How can we consistently capture all the demand and requirements for change across our business units?

What are the resource/skills gearing ratios we need to manage to?

What are the optimal measures to ensure our strategies remain relevant and are tracking to success?

Our approach ensures strategic programs are defined to the most appropriate client operating model. Example operating model framework criteria include:

   1. Process
   2. Functional Rolls and Skills
   3. Standards and Tools
   4. Performance
   5. Governance
   6. Organizational Construct

Our rigorous methodology positions our client strategies as a balanced view across three business priorities:

   1. Growth
   2. Capital Management
   3. Operations

Why should we strategically differentiate productivity from efficiency gains?

How can we distinguish our risk appetite from our aggressive growth intent?

How can we consistently gauge the impact of external events and disrupters on our strategic objectives?

What are the most appropriate and sustainable business measures applicable to our business?

program execution

  AE Consulting Group, LLC

strategy planning

Our program rigor ensures effective upstream and downstream communications and controls are in place for all key stakeholders.  Experienced areas of application include:

   1. Program Management Office

   2. Project Management, Initiative Planning and Prioritization

   3. Large Scale Transformation
   4. Outsourcing and Insourcing